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2016 International Students Graduation Party

Each year many international students graduate from USTC with great experiences and happy memories. USTC always arranges a great send-off to the graduating students in the form of a big graduation party. Continuing the farewell traditions of USTC, “2016 International Students Graduation Party” was organized by International Students Office (ISO)and Foreign Students Association (FSA) of USTC on 5th June 2016 at east campus. The international community of the diverse USTC family actively participated in this graduation party. They enjoyed the performances, music, dancing and fun, while saying goodbye to this year’s graduates.

The event started at 7:00 pm with Ms. Hirra Butt and Mr. Akif Khan from Pakistan as the hosts of the party. The party started with an opening speech from the director, Mr. Jiang, congratulating the graduates of this year for all the hard work during their degree program and extending his best wishes to them all in their future endeavors. The talented students of USTC entertained the audience with their amazing performances. Mr. Fay from Suriname and Ms. Fathiya from Tanzania sang songs in their amazing voices and their performances were well received from the audience. Mr. Nesta along with a Chinese friend sang a beautiful Chinese song. Not only the students of USTC, but international students from other institutions also participated in this farewell party for their friends. Mr. Parera and Mr. Sanaan from Hefei Military Training School gave a great singing performance together. The traditional Thai dance performance from Ms. Oiy and Ms. Blue added beauty and color to this occasion. Along with the performances musical chair games were also a part of the night and the energetic students of USTC took active part in them. To keep the audience more involved and entertained lucky draws were also included. All the graduates were presented with gifts with best wishes for their successful futures. The prize distribution ceremony of the 2nd Sports Gala was held at the end of the party and the winners were presented with trophies and medals for their outstanding performances in all sports.

Chairman of FSA, Mr.Muhammad Naeem Anjum, concluded the party by congratulating the graduates and thanked all the participants, audience, guests and the ISO for their participation. With a group photo and happy smiles, the party ended at 9:00 pm, with a message that everyone took with them:

“Graduation is only a concept. In real life, everyday you graduate. Graduation is a process that goes on until the last day of your life. We just have to grasp that and make the difference the world needs.”

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